Maymurgh and Danny- Brand Services in an ecosystem

Maymurgh and Danny- Brand Services in an ecosystem

Business Name and what it does


Maymurgh China is a company which researches the basic logics between the supply and demand since 2014, and provides Branding Services in China, aiming to work out the structured branding solution in China through researches and practices, to benefit stable growth for enterprises, employment rate, economy and ecosystem, by outputting kindness and value to the world.

Maymurgh’s digital marketing branding services are based on China internet environment, i.e. Baidu Search Engine, 6000+ Medias in China, Hero Apps of Videos, Socials as Redbook, Douyin (Tiktok), WeChat, Weibo etc. As the brand owners want to share more cake of the market, the brands normally need more effective and efficiency promotion to get more loyal consumers. Online marketing is a major approach currently for many industries, and Maymurgh has worked relatively mature methodology through researches and practices proved by customers with positive results.

Link: https://www.mgsh.com.cn/about-us

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business


Danny Mi as the founder of Maymurgh, planed for a long time to start the Entrepreneurship journey full time. During he studied in the university, he tried to run some tiny business to earn money for living on his own. Afterwards, Danny worked in different companies through different businesses in order to learn enough knowledge how to manage a business. Working hard and studying till very late in night was very common, so that he could grow up faster. He knew there was probably some huge gap between him who was born in small village and others who have good background and family education. In order to change the fate designed by birth, Danny tried to learn new things and

practice to gain more abilities. In the ten years after graduation, he worked in the fields of IT,Finance,Sales,Project Manager through different industries of Manufacturing, Environment Monitoring, ERP, Fast Moving Consumer Goods. After he achieved the first life goal to work in the multi-national-company to gain the experience of working with the top talents in the world and global eyesight, he started the business regarding the Branding services, which benefits a lot from the working experience in BMW.

The environments between BMW and situation as a startup are quite different as you can imagine. We follow the email information to finish the tasked in the MNC, and however, it’s even useless to sign contracts which may leads to different understandings on purpose in advance, which could be defined as immature business environment or multi-understanding Chinese environment. It was a very tough journey for Danny to adjust to unchangeable circumstance. Practicing to understand the meaning behind the words and negotiating with supplier and customers with technical skills made Danny’s business going on more smoothly. During the survival period, Danny showed the honest and integrity through hard time, and got some honors from the society. In order to grow faster, Maymurgh provides value-added services for every customer on purpose. While implementing the services in contract, Maymurgh provides higher-level services for free to figure out the solution for the higher-level services little by little. In this way, Danny worked out complete higher-level solution and gained the experience as showcases.

Link: https://www.mgsh.com.cn/about-us/enterpreneur 

The challenges the business/market is facing

As we know, the challenges exist all the time. We have some in common and some different due to the different countries’ variances. From Danny’s point of view, entrepreneurs from China are lucky for the market driven by the Chinese huge population, and meanwhile unlucky for the number of competitors. In case the founder started a business from zero, which sounds like a good idea; and the followers come up soon as your competitors, some of whom compete with you by capital, some of whom compete illegally with lower price. We can see all the problems through the industrial environment at an early time, and later see the government monitor and manage them yearly little by little especially before and after the consumer’s day, 15th March, until the industries changed heavily. The business can be legal and illegal according to the understanding in different timelines due to the fast-changing economic environment, and it is a dangerous role to be founder in China, which may get hurt in both business and personal life. It is said that the average lifecycle for a Chinese company is only 2-3 years, which is a real hard challenge unless you are strong and brave enough as Danny and other warriors. Good thing for foreign companies is to be treated differently better in China.

As mentioned above, environmental factor is a common challenge especially for online services industry. Another challenge for Brand services in China is that people’s understanding of Brand is normally superficial. In the last 10-20 years, China industries and “technologies” products changed very fast based on the demographic dividend and capital got money divided up during that period which was not developed in a qualified approach. Neither supply-end nor demand-end cared about the Brand for a long-term, so companies got enough money and disappeared soon from time to time. In front of the business now are people lack of consuming capacity and weakness of enterprises.

Maymurgh currently only provides services originated from free value-added services to enterprises who have got capital invested and developed, who can afford the branding project scale.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Opportunities exist always together with changes and uncertainties. Nowadays, the world is changing very fast and heavily, which has exceeded the management abilities of the interest groups and governments to some extent. As Danny’s opinion, the higher level’s re-build and re-design of economy as well as politics, leads to changes in organizations and businesses. In China, we got challenges from the worldwide that we rely on foreign Brand’s products and components heavily, and when we shouted for Chinese Brands, and found that currently we only got Chinese brand names, which are far away from meaningful and valuable Brands. We even do not know what essence of a Brand is, how to build a Brand, and who can manage the process of Chinese branding. As Danny has insisted on researching this field for years, and thinks that the opportunities will last for decades because of the complex problems behind.

As Danny concerned, it would be a long-term development for China to get developed in technologies, management, talent cultivation, diversity ecosystem, neat business environment and so on. It is still a developing phase in China; there would be lots of developing opportunities for the market. For the Branding, the topics have been talked about for years since 2016 in a national level as China Brand Day. One more thing, which is uncertain for Danny, whether is there a middle period as joint brand phase, during the change from global brands phase to Chinese national brands phase? The fact that Chinese people trust global brands more than local brands due to the habits of trusting foreign products and the hesitates to local products for lower-level quality management and less of brand consciousness.

No matter the business we started is correct or not for current decade in the society, we don’t have the power to influence the trend leaded by government, capital or interest group, however, we still can follow the rules of the universe which can balance the trend in some cycle curve. It takes time and endurance, and meanwhile for the goal of success, we need farseeing and adjusting abilities and skills. We should insist on the things we think are right, and get through the dark period before the dawn. When we service our clients, we also care the quality of the products and services provided by our clients, we benefit both and our clients and the end-customers in which way we name as ecosystem. People and enterprises need our supports; we stand for a righteous light of love and kindness. And this kind of opportunities will last forever through our lives.

Ecosystem-品牌生态系统 - 2022

Advice to others about business

From the world’s standpoint, entrepreneurs out of China may have more chances to cooperate globally and share the global market and stable diversities, Danny always learn management skills and technologies via English and Google, which Danny treats as internet, and Baidu as a big intranet. In addition, it is very nice to get professional global supports most of the time. Therefore, Danny’s advice and appreciation is that, living in a neat environment of innovation, cooperation, founders have lots of chances to start a fantastic journey, which means different life or part of life. Say, global founders are a special consciousness-union which provides love and kindness to make the world and people better and greater.

Danny wishes good lucks for every entrepreneur in the world, knowing the difficulties make man suffer from pains and pressure; Danny also suggests new starters to prepare a little bit for the role and pay more time to learn from things we should or have to learn, acknowledging that learning and practices make man strong enough for the role. Situations may be different from one to another, everyone is specially designed and will have unique life journey, which may feel and experience us by happiness, pains, braveness, worries, excitement and calm.

What’s more, If you are interested in China market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Danny, Maymurch China. You will get a fast boat direct to the destination.

Maymurch China Website: www.mgsh.com.cn